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The 1 Week Diet

The 1 Week Diet is the diet program for safe, rapid weight loss. Based on a decade of research, it’s designed for losing unwanted body fat in just 7 days.

Brian Flatt created this remarkable program. As a trainer, weight loss coach, and nutrition expert, he grew tired of seeing clients constantly losing the “battle of the bulge.”

The 1 Week Diet succeeds where other weight loss systems fail because: 1) it addresses cellular inflammation, which is the real cause of weight gain, and 2) it corrects the questionable information many dieters receive from the mainstream dieting industry.

The diet system has helped thousands lose weight, proving virtually foolproof. Flatt is now able to offer a 60-day, 100% no-nonsense, “lose the weight or it’s free” guarantee with his system.

The complete 1 Week Diet system includes:

The Launch Handbook – which explains the revolutionary science in plain language. Dieters get a simple, easy-to-follow crash course in the specific nutrients needed to lose fat, increase metabolism, and regain their health and energy.

The Fat Burning Guide – which reveals how dieters can tailor their rapid weight loss plan to suit their body type. Dieters find exactly what, how, and when to eat each day. This handbook eliminates the guesswork that often accompanies other dieting plans.

The Progress Workbook – which discusses how a moderate amount of exercise is more than sufficient in the pursuit of fat-loss. Using these groundbreaking workouts, dieters get amazing results exercising only 20 minutes a day for 3-4 days a week.

The Weight-Loss Motivator Handbook – which enables these unbelievable results by developing the right mindset, allowing dieters to stay motivated on their goals. Cultivating willpower is the key to a winning mindset.

Together these handbooks form a full, easy-to-follow system that produces real weight loss. At this very moment, it is creating a dramatic impact on people’s health around the world.

Price – $37


The 1 Week Diet Advanced Program (Upsell #1)

The 1 Week Diet Advanced Program is the ultimate follow-up to The 1 Week Diet that allows dieters to keep the momentum after they have finished, and continue to lose twice the fat in half the time.

This revolutionary upsell has been years in the making, and focuses on:

  • Eating hacks that help fat-burning hormones like adiponectin reach raging high levels.
  • A complete list of secret spices, herbs and natural supplements that control fat-storing hormones like testosterone, estrogen, etc.
  • 2-minute tricks that keep a precise balance of all fat-loss and fat-storing hormones.

Yes, this program breaks down the exact science of the 1 Week Diet and provides clients with the tools that they can apply in every aspect of their lives to ensure that they never have to diet again.


Also included as part of this amazing upsell is:

The 1 Week Diet – Sleep Away the Fat Program

This program is jam-packed with sleeping tricks that help balance these hormones. Not only do they help our clients wake up looking younger and skinnier every day, but they also help them…

  • Get to sleep quicker.
  • Stay asleep until it’s time to wake up.
  • Spend more time in deep, rejuvenating sleep.

The 1 Week Diet – Belly Tightener

This guide contains all the fastest tricks to help our clients turn their bulging belly into a flat and trim stomach.

19-Volume Fat Loss Video Library

These 19 video courses give clients every latest discovery to help extinguish fat from the belly, butt and thighs, including:

  • Weight Loss Motivation: 10 Unique Tips for Staying on Track
  • The “X Factor” of Weight Loss
  • Dinner Tips to Maximize Flavor and Minimize Body Fat
  • Plus 16 more fat loss videos!

Price – $59


The Stress-Proof Life (Upsell #2)

The Stress-Proof Life Program is possibly the most exciting offer we’ve ever put together, and for a limited time, we are combining it together with The 1 Week Diet.

An often overlooked but critical aspect of health and weight-loss, stress can literally make or break one’s success with The 1 Week Diet. The problem with stress is that it raises the level of cortisol in your body. And cortisol is a stress hormone that increases fat storage.

This limited course helps our clients break out of the cycle that produces stress and thereby lower cortisol levels.

Included in this incredible program are:

  • The “Anti-Stress Blueprint” Video Guide
  • The “Never Get Sick, Never Feel Stressed” Video Course
  • The “Science Behind Erasing Stress” special report
  • Dirt-simple, step-by-step instructions that guide you through the Stress-Proof Life

Price – $49


25 Unusual Snacks to Diminish Your Fat (Upsell #3)

25 Unusual Snacks to Diminish Your Fat, which comes with the FREE book How To Beat The Odds Everytime, is an amazing supplementary offer created specifically by Brian to help clients master their 1 Week Diet journey.

Unlike the numerous other diet books and irrelevant programs available, this snack book contains recipes of many treats made specifically to BOOST metabolism and increase fat-burning inside the body. As part of this program, there are a number of delicious recipes that work in providing the following:

– Powerful blood sugar control
– Hormone Balancing
– Increased Energy
– Natural Detoxification
– Reduced Inflammation



Price – $29.95


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